I had been a vegetarian for about 4 years when I discovered that I had gluten intolerance. As you can imagine, this limited my diet quite a bit. I started looking at recipe books, searching websites, checking products and looking at restaurants in an effort to expand my knowledge on the subject. There was information out there, but it took a lot of searching to find it. So I decided to create a website to collect recipes, websites, products and restaurants to help others people that are gluten free and vegetarian.

All of the recipes and products that I put on the site I will have tried myself and had no reaction to. Most of the images of recipes I use on the site will be of food that I have cooked my self. Whenever possible I will suggest brands that are labelled gluten free.

I am not a medical professional nor do I have any medical credentials. The information I present on this website is what I have researched. I will, however, try to cite official sources whenever possible.

One thing I should mention is, I like rich foods. Some of the recipes and products may not be great for dieting, but they should taste good.